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Join Exhale’s Ashley and Alicia for our 200-hour, Yoga Alliance approved Livestream Yoga Teacher Training Program.

Our Curriculum

Exhale Wellness Yoga Teacher Training
October, 2021
200-hour YA approved | Livestream & Nationwide

Join Exhale’s Founder, Ashley Daidone, and Chief Experience and Lifestyle Officer, Alicia Rae, for our 200-hour Yoga Alliance-approved livestream Yoga Teacher Training Program. Become a Certified Yoga Instructor, online from your home, with live access to your teachers throughout the entire process. We will explore the history, structure and foundational elements of yoga, together apart, as a virtual group.

Exhale’s Yoga Teacher Training Program requires attendance of livestream classes 12-18 hours per week, and is open to all levels with nationwide access. The application process is open now, and training will begin October, 2021.

Individual Tuition


Buddy Tuition


• $500 deposit due upon registration
• Payment plans available
• Two students must enroll at the same time for Buddy Tuition Pricing

Program Overview

Welcome – Let Go of Expectations
The Experience – It’s a Journey, Not a Destination
Exhale Foundations – It all begins with an Exhale
Anatomy, Physiology & Biomechanics
Foundational Flow & Class Sequence
Teaching Methodology
Business of Yoga
Master Classes & Workshops
Yoga & Humanities

History of Yoga
• What is Yoga?
• Yoga Lifestyle
• Ayurveda and Chakras
• 8-limbs of Yoga
– Yamas (ethics) & Niyamas (lifestyle)
– Asana (pose) & Pranayama (breath)
– Pratyahara (inward focus)
– Dharana (concentration)
– Dhyana (meditation)

Core Curriculum

Yoga Asana
Yoga poses, sequencing, alignment, anatomy and physiology

Yoga Lifestyle
Ethics of a yogi, Ayurveda, chakras, meditation, pranayama, taking the seat of a yogi

The History and Philosophy of Yoga
Lineage, styles of yoga, the evolution of yoga

Teaching Methodology
Cuing, classroom management, facilitation skills


Term Begins: October, 2021 for 10 weeks

Tuesdays: 5-9 pm
Methodology Instruction & Yoga Humanities
Wednesdays: 2-4 pm
Instruction and Asana Clinic
Wednesdays: 5-9 pm
Yoga Humanities
Saturday: 9am-1pm and/or 2-6 pm
Master class & Clinics

Optional Classes
Teacher Training students may join us for Exhale’s livestream yoga classes or choose pre-recorded classes to enjoy throughout the class term at no additional charge. These classes are optional to achieving your certification, but highly recommended. The schedule is as follows:

Mondays: 9-9:45 am
Yoga with Alicia
Tuesdays: 9-9:30 pm
Yoga nidra or meditation
Wednesdays: 12-1 pm
Yoga with Ashley
Wednesdays: 9-9:30 pm
Restorative/yin yoga
Fridays: 10am
Yoga with Exhale team
Saturdays 1-2 pm
Foundational Flow + Meditation

If you are interested in participating in Exhale’s yoga teacher training, please fill out the application below. Once approved, you will receive an email with registration information.

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