Corporate Wellness

Our passion at Exhale Wellness is creating opportunities for companies, and the people that work within them, to achieve balanced, happy lives.

Our Process

The team at Exhale is in the process of developing a robust, Corporate Wellness Program series. This series is designed to guide employees toward better work-life balance and companies toward increased employee satisfaction and productivity.

Exhale’s Corporate Wellness Programs are custom-designed to suit your company’s unique needs. First, our team will work directly with your company’s leadership and HR department to identify specific areas of need. Then, we’ll conduct an internal survey to develop metrics that measure current levels of stress, health, happiness and productivity within your organization.

With the survey results in hand, we’ll propose a six or twelve month wellness program, custom-tailored, to specifically improve your company’s overall wellness score. We’ll even help you create rewards and incentives that engage employee participation and integrate wellness into the fabric of your company’s work culture.

What’s Included

Some examples of Exhale’s Corporate Wellness programs may include, but not be limited to:

Mindfulness Programming

Mindfulness on the Spot
How to meditate without it being weird

Energy Blasts
Hourly 1-minute yoga bursts

Physical Wellness Programming

Combatting the Seated Situation
Desk chair yoga for zoom fatigue

Whole Body Wellness
Ayurveda and nutrition workshops

Livestream Yoga Classes for Employees

Weekly Step Challenges

Company Culture Boosters

Workplace Wellness Challenges
Includes company incentives and rewards

Vino & Vinyasa
Livestream company happy hour!

Exhale Livestream Company Picnics

The (Your Company) Life Book
We’ll publish a list of your employees’ favorite things in book format for your company to share internally. Knowing one another’s favorite morning rituals, recipes, books, movies, vacation spots and the like helps to boost morale, strengthen work relationships and lighten the overall mood at work.

Philanthropic Company Giveback Projects

Documentary Ted Talk Club

What are the benefits of a corporate wellness program?

Wellness is so much more than keeping employees physically healthy. Although healthy bodies do lead to reduced health care costs and fewer missed days of work, a whole-life approach to corporate wellness is where the real benefits reveal themselves. By integrating mind and body practices into the core of your company culture, employees know that taking care of themselves is not only important for them personally… it’s important for their role in the company as a whole.

Comprehensive, whole-life wellness programs that keep employees healthy and happy can be an investment in the overall growth and stability of your company. Recent studies have shown that 73% of professionals say a company’s health and wellness offerings influence their decision to work there. (1) In other studies, it was found that 59% of employees are likely to remain loyal to their current employer if health and well being benefits are provided. (2)

In addition, what about the “happiness factor?” In a recent Happiness and Productivity Study by Warwick, it was found that happy employees are 4% better at customer service, commit 26% fewer clinical errors, demonstrate 79% lower burnout, and have a 61% lower likelihood of leaving than unhappy employees. Now, that’s a real, tangible benefit. It’s also why Exhale is 100% focused on providing ways for people to be happier at work. The benefits below speak for themselves.

Increased Employee Attraction & Retention

Lower Health Care Costs

Happier Workplace Culture

Reduced Absenteeism

Reduced Stress

Increased Productivity

(1) Source: Office Team, Robert Half (2) Source: Met Life

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